About Jane Hall - Artist 

I create work instinctively, with memory and the subconscious playing a pivotal role in the initiation of an artistic idea. 

The process of making is essential for me as it lends my work authenticity, an unpredictability in the outcome and it allows me to continue the investigation, exploration and extension of every piece of work in two and three dimensional form.  Often, work is destroyed to be re-presented. 

Original works, including various media on canvas, clay, print making, watercolours and drawings, are sometimes destroyed by aggressive acts and taken through numerous processes to be re-invented in three dimensional forms. To touch, bind, rip, tear, burn, fracture, smooth, distort, construct are some techniques used in my practice. The physicality in my work enables me to explore the qualities and possibilities of materials as I search for avenues to express my intuitive desires.

I am fascinated in the human condition and it is important for my work to show its life, its processes, flaws and fragility to the viewer, to say that it has survived. It has experienced metamorphosis & exists as itself regardless of its experiences. 

Employment History:

Art Psychotherapist with City Hospice, August 2021 to present day.
Art Psychotherapist with MIND, September 2021 to present day. 

1996 – 2021 Registered Nurse.

Art Education:

2018 - 2021 MA in Art Psychotherapy, Newport University. 

2009- 2011 Foundation in Art passed with distinction, at Weston College of Art and Design. 

2011- 2014 BA Hons Fine Art at Bath Spa University.


'Origins'. Corsham Arts Centre, Wiltshire. 2018. 

‘Fresh Meat’. Milsom Place, Bath. Jan-Feb 2012.

‘New Visions’ II. Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol. July-Sept 2012.

‘Flux’. The Old Gasworks, Bath. Dec 2012.

‘Porthleven Prize’. Lifeboat Artists’ Studio.Porthleven, Cornwall, (a collaborative, 10 day, artists’ residency). May 2013.

‘The Nearness of Gold: Bath Spa Porthleven Prize’. O3 Gallery, Oxford. Sept 2013.

‘The Nearness of Gold: Bath Spa Porthleven Prize’. Bristol Guildhall, Bristol. Oct 2013.

‘The Nearness of Gold: Bath Spa Porthleven Prize’. Bath Spa University, Bath. Dec 2013.

‘Blanked Out’. Walcot Chapel, Bath. Jan 2014.

‘Fodder’ The Crypt, Bristol. March 2014.

‘3-5-1’ Edwardian Cloakroom, Bristol. April 2014.

‘Guerilla’ London, June 2014. Protein Gallery, Shoreditch, London. 

‘Something Human’ 1-30 April 2015. Springfield Community Campus, Corsham, Wilts. 

'Origins'. September 2018, The Pound Arts, Corsham, Wiltshire.